A little rescued puppy and a golden retriever instantly become friends

Dogs are amazing creatures. Like humans, a dog’s reaction to certain things in its life can be unpredictable.
When the family gave their adult golden retriever a new puppy friend, it was impossible to predict how he would react. Will he accept his new friend or will he become jealous that another dog has appeared next to him?

A large dog gets acquainted with a puppy so small that it just fits in the palm of the owner’s hand. Compared to a golden retriever, a puppy is so small that a big dog could swallow it! The older dog is completely confused by this turn of events.

When the puppy is put back in the cardboard box, the dog rushes to investigate. He watches as the puppy tries to get out. As soon as he manages to understand that the puppy is actually a small dog, the big puppy also decides that it’s time to play. He lifts his shoe and tries to suggest a game of tug-of-war. But the kid is too weak to play such games.

By the time the puppy gets big enough to play, the golden retriever can’t wait to have a buddy. They like to chew something together and chase each other.

Finally, the golden retriever, exhausted by the energy of the younger dog, is forced to sit down and rest. Realizing that it’s time to rest, the little puppy crawls between the legs of his big friend to curl up and take a nap.

The two are clearly inseparable.It’s so cute and joyful to see the animals enjoying playing with each other.

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