«A little too much plastic». What does the woman chosen by the billionaire and Amazon founder look like?

The 59-year-old Amazon founder is rightly considered one of the most successful and wealthiest men on the planet. So it’s no surprise to see a gorgeous brunette by his side, who seems to have undone the signs of aging. Yet you may be surprised to learn that, at 53, Lauren Sanchez shows no signs of age.

The woman chosen by Jeff Bezos clearly seems unaffected by the passage of time. However, Lauren’s detractors accuse her of having abused plastic surgery.

«A beautiful woman, certainly, but she’s spoiled herself with plastic surgery.»

«Overly elastic», «He’s probably the first billionaire not to date a young woman who could be his granddaughter», «Groomed and beautiful, this is what a billionaire’s wife should look like»,

«They’re a perfect match», «They’re an exceptional couple», «She’s not the first and won’t be the last», «This is only temporary. She’ll find a granddaughter after 80», «She probably doesn’t even remember what she looked like before plastic surgery», read under the photos of Bezos and Sanchez.

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