A lonely truck driver adopted an unattended stray cat: it became his constant companion on the road.

Truck driver Paul Robertson loves his job. However, even if he likes to drive, he feels lonely at the wheel, alone on the road. So, since Robertson is an animal lover, he decided to adopt a cat named Howie.

For many years, Howie sat next to Robertson, keeping him company on his long journeys. When Howie passed away in 2017, Robertson was devastated.

He decided he wanted to give another abandoned cat a nice home, so he headed to an animal shelter to find his new companion.

The shelter staff introduced Robertson to a red cat named Percy. Robertson quickly realized that Percy was right for him.
Percy had a hard life. He lived on the street and was clearly involved in several fights. He had a wound above his right eye, and he had no one fang.

But even though Percy had a difficult past, he was kind. He immediately became close to Robertson, and Robertson decided to officially adopt him.
Shortly after Robertson adopted Percy, they went on their first long journey together. Percy loved getting in the truck!

During the first two weeks they spent together, Robertson mostly traveled through the Midwest. Percy saw Barren lands, Rocky Mountains and lots of bison.

Percy loved every minute of the trip!

«He is very affectionate and likes to crawl on my lap, on my chest, and then rub against my cheeks,» Robertson wrote on Facebook. «He loves to play. He purrs a lot. And, of course, he is a cat: he likes to eat and likes to sleep.»

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