A look that conveys all the pain: the dog realized that he was meanly abandoned

At the Humane Society shelter in California, the family gave up the pit bull, giving up the pet forever. 4-year-old Elektra still can’t come to terms with the fact that her owners abandoned her. She refuses to play and eat, but only looks with a sad look at the door of her new home with the hope that her family will return for her.

Such cases are not uncommon, but this one seemed extremely cruel to all animal lovers.

By the look of Elektra, you can understand all the pain she experienced at that moment. At the beginning of the video, the dog happily listens to an employee of the shelter, sitting in the office. It would seem that nothing portends sadness. But apparently at the moment when the owner left, she realized that she had been abandoned.

The video posted on the shelter’s official Facebook page touched the hearts of netizens in the first couple of days. It should be noted that this figure continues to grow rapidly, and there are already those who want to pick up the saddest dog in the world.

Let’s hope that everything will work out for them and wish a real home comfort to Electra and her future owners.

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