A man adopted a kitten, and it grew bigger than his dog: before and after photos

Nico, the hero of this story, was returning home, eager to get as quickly as possible to a warm apartment, because the autumn wind and cold were piercing through. Suddenly, the man saw a tiny red-haired kitten on the sidewalk in front of him. The animal was smaller than a man’s palm and was shivering with cold. That’s why Nico couldn’t pass it by.

Nico took the kitten away, intending to warm him up, feed him, and find him new owners. As soon as the baby was sheltered from the cold wind with the man’s jacket, he immediately stopped crying and quickly fell asleep.

At home, Nico took care of the baby and set up a small bed for him to sleep on. The little fellow was so cute and funny that Nico began to doubt his intention to find him a new home and began to think about keeping the cat. Even the dog, who lived with Nico, took well to the unexpected guest. The little one quickly got accustomed to the new place. Very quickly Nico realized that he would not be able to part with his new friend

The red-haired kitten grew very fast and within a year his size was well above the norm for cats of his age. Nico began to search for similar breeds on the Internet and soon realized — he found a Maine Coon on the street at night. Animals of this breed can reach a meter tall and weigh 10 kilograms. The street kitten was really turning into a pedigree beauty — thick fur, strong paws, ears, topped with funny tassels.

The found cat exceeds the standard size for Maine Coons. Already now he weighs fourteen kilograms. In terms of height and weight, he has caught up with the dog living at Nico’s. The tiny kitten, who could easily fit in the palm of his hand, became the official record-holder of his breed.

The owner loves his pet very much. There are practically no prohibitions for him in the house. The cat sleeps on the owner’s bed and takes his bath. The cat has only one disadvantage — it is hard to hold him for a long time.

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