A man built a kayak to take his dogs on a trip

«As a dog lover, all I want to do is spend as much time as possible with my two four-legged friends. I am sure that this opinion is shared by all dog owners. Because these magnificent creatures are part of our lives. And wherever we go, we want them to be with us.»

This is what the retired orthopedic surgeon had in mind when he decided to fit his kayak not only for himself, but also for his two furry friends.

Kayaking enthusiasts, as well as strongly attached to his golden retriever, David from Vermont found the perfect way to combine everything together.

Mr. Bunson has made a place in his kayak by creating a well-designed «dog hole,» as he calls it. A space ideal for accommodating a dog. But that was before the Bansons adopted another dog. David just made a second hole for the second dog. This gives him a great opportunity to be near Susie and Ginger in a kayak.

«Our dogs have always loved to travel with us by car, by plane or by boat,» Bunson told the magazine.

The «triple kayak» is now perfect for two dogs and their beloved father. Needless to say, the puppies immediately fell in love with kayaking from the first walk.

«They seem to like it,» the man said. «They are delighted when we get the kayaks.They immediately realize that we will sail. They are trained individually to climb into a kayak on command. They’re sitting down and we’re ready.»

«I love my dogs. I like to train them. We have walked many miles with our dogs. They really like to travel.»

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