A man found a hungry dog alone on a remote island: he saved his life

A photographer named Wesley White was traveling to Belize on business. He wanted to explore the beautiful island and take some photos. Having very little free time, he really wanted to enjoy a wonderful journey.


On the first day of the trip, he decided to go kayaking to a small island in Thatch Cay. Arriving on the island, he noticed a hungry dog entering an abandoned fishing hut. The poor dog was skin and bones, but responsive. «I saw him wagging his tail,» Wesley said.

Wesley was calling people, but there was no one there. He didn’t think the dog would last another day. He needed to save the dog urgently. So he put the dog in the kayak and returned to the hotel. If he doesn’t do anything to help him, the dog will starve to death.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel, he called for help. Fortunately, there were kind people. They fed the dog and took him to the vet. Unfortunately, Wesley stayed with the dog for a very short time, as he had only 36 hours before leaving Belize.

The vet kept in touch with Wesley and informed him that the dog was recovering and ready to move into foster care. After two months in foster care, the dog could fly to Dallas to meet Wesley.

The dog has a new name Winston. Now he is happy at Wesley’s house with his owner and his friends. Watch how fate reunited Wesley and the hungry puppy and their reunion after a long journey in the touching video below.

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