A man from Australia saw a spider climbing on the refrigerator and carrying a mouse

Fears and phobias are very common in people. One of these phobias is the fear of spiders.

It is known as arachnophobia. There are people who are so afraid of spiders that they are literally paralyzed when they see a spider in a room.

The photos used in this article may be unpleasant for those who are afraid of spiders. In fact, even those who are not afraid of spiders may feel uncomfortable when they see what a man captured on camera in his neighbor’s kitchen.

Jason Lomal was leaving the house for work when a neighbor called out to him. A neighbor asked him to look at something. Jason followed him and was shocked when he saw two of his phobias at once.

The spider was climbing on the refrigerator and carrying a mouse. The scene was like a frame from a horror movie.

It took Jason a moment to realize what he saw. A huge spider was carrying a mouse up the refrigerator. It’s unclear if the mouse was already dead when the spider found it. In any case, it was a very impressive sight.

Spider experts say it was a species of spider called Huntsman spider. Usually these spiders grow about an inch in length. However, giant spiders of this species can be the size of an ordinary plate.

These spiders do not use the web to immobilize the victim. They are able to kill prey with the power of their mouth and with the help of poison.

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