A man kicked a dog. It got back at him by ruining his car

An unusual incident occurred in a parking lot in Chongqing, China. A man kicked a dog for lying in a parking space, but karma quickly returned what was owed to him.

After the man hit the dog, the stray dog came back with a whole group of other dogs to get revenge on the heartless motorist! Interestingly, the dogs decided to get back at the man without hurting him themselves. Instead, they targeted his car.

One day a driver returned home and found a stray dog in his beloved parking lot. Instead of trying to move the dog away, the man concluded that kicking the innocent animal was the best option.

He then parked his car and headed home. The stray dog, on the other hand, returned to the spot with his pack. The dogs jumped onto the parked car, wanting revenge on their abuser. Judging by the photos taken at the scene by a frightened neighbor, at least three dogs decided to do more damage to the car.

The dogs bit the body of the car and chewed on the windshield wipers before fleeing the scene. The photos show obvious marks on the car body. Probably, if the neighbor hadn’t filmed it on his phone, the owner of the car wouldn’t even have known what had happened.

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