A man rescues a baby swan: now the bird won’t let go of its rescuer

This incredible story unfolded in the life of a man called Rob. His active lifestyle, his passion for travel and sport had always filled his days. But now there was someone in his life who shared his passions as much as possible.

One day, while kayaking down a river, Rob spotted a lonely and helpless baby swan. The baby swan was sitting on a snag, covered in fuzz, with a frozen, pitiful look. It lacked the strength to even move.

Rob, being a real avid animal lover, decided he could not pass it by. He picked up the chick and brought it home. Rob warmed it up, fed it and put it to bed, hoping that «the little guy would get his strength back».

As the days passed, the tiny swan began to come alive. He gradually settled in and became comfortable in his new home. He now even has a name — Cindy. As time passed, the chick became friends with a little Chihuahua who belonged to Rob. This friendship brought great happiness to the man.

Swan became very attached to his rescuer. She followed him wherever he went.

Rob was aware of his responsibility to this fragile wild creature and tried to give her as much attention and care as possible. He understood that Cindy needed to be able to swim in the lake and hunt for fish. So Rob would take the swan on walks and let her swim while he went out on the water in a boat. The swan seemed happy.

The man knew that a decision had to be made about Cindy’s future. He knew that the wild bird had to be returned to her natural habitat. The question remained unanswered and preoccupied his mind.

Rob decided to seek the help of animal welfare experts. He told them about the unique bond that had developed between him and Cindy. Together they carried out a detailed examination of the bird to determine its physical and psychological condition.

The experts concluded that Cindy would not be able to survive in the wild without human support and presence. They recommended creating a special conditional space where the bird could be surrounded by nature, but still be able to interact with Rob. This solution represented a compromise that guaranteed Cindy’s safety and well-being.

However, neither the special conditioned space nor the new surroundings could replace Rob for Cindy. The bird missed its human very much and began to fade away before their eyes. Further attempts to adapt the swan to its natural environment by separating it from Rob could have had tragic consequences. The feathery beauty’s attachment to the man proved too strong.

In the end, Rob made a difficult decision. He decided to keep Cindy with him, continuing to give her the care and love she needed. They became inseparable friends who shared their hobbies and joys of life. Rob understood that for Cindy, this choice meant keeping her alive and happy.

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