A man risks being arrested: he broke a car window to save a dog left in a hot car

Traveling with your furry companion, everyone should know that you can not leave a dog in a hot car. Either take the dog with you wherever you go, or open the window, or leave the air conditioner on.

On a hot summer day in Canada, a man came across a locked car with a dog with closed windows and no owner.

A man named Mark Lewis came across a black BMW where the dog was locked.

The action takes place on June 11, when the temperature outside was 90 degrees. So who knows how hot it was inside the car.

Several people started helping Mark Lewis get into the car to rescue the dog, which had obviously overheated and panicked.

According to Today, a Kitchener resident said the owners were gone for about 50 minutes, despite an announcement asking them to return.

The dog was sitting on the passenger side, so Mark Lewis picked up a large rock and threw it through the rear window until it broke. He was able to get a dog named Cotton out of a hot car.


When the window broke and finally managed to save the poor dog, people around applauded his heroic deeds.
According to Mark Lewis, when the dog was pulled out of the car, he was sluggish and covered in sweat.

No one knows exactly how long poor Cotton was in a hot car. But by the time passersby rescued him, he was almost unconscious.Fortunately, after Cotton was given water, he regained all his energy in five minutes and started playing happily.

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