A man took in a child who had been abandoned by more than 20 families. What does the girl look like today?

Today, medicine is not only able to easily determine the baby’s sex at the start of pregnancy, but can also detect developmental abnormalities. However, in the case of congenital pathology, there are unfortunately few solutions. This little girl’s mother immediately refused to give her up at birth, as she had Down’s syndrome. No one wanted to take responsibility for this little girl, and more than 20 families rejected her.

Shortly afterwards, a 41-year-old man by the name of Luca Trapanese learned of her story. He was spending time as a volunteer helping sick homeless people. Alba’s illness didn’t deter him, and he made the decision to adopt the girl and give her a fulfilling life.

However, when it came to formalizing the adoption procedure, Luca encountered a number of difficulties. Legislation required a complete family for adoption, whereas Luca lived alone. What’s more, his own personal orientation didn’t fit in with traditional norms. Nevertheless, he persevered and succeeded in achieving his goal. Luca shared that from the first moment he held the little girl in his arms, he felt a special bond with her. special bond with her.

Two years have passed since the guardianship was established, and Alba is now a blossoming, happy young girl. Her adoptive father declares that she has become his whole world, and that he can no longer imagine his life without her. The photos testify to the precious time the father spends with his daughter, revealing the sincere love and care he he lavishes on her.

How do you perceive such situations? Would you have considered a child in a similar situation?

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