A man turned old car tires into comfortable beds for homeless dogs and cats.

This grandiose work began two years ago when Amarildo saw the accumulated worn tires in the parking lot of the supermarket where he worked. He always liked to create products from materials that were no longer used and that would be thrown away. So he wanted to make something useful out of these old tires.

He decided to start this project when he saw that dogs and cats like to sleep in old tires. And they used these tires as a shelter on the streets.

Therefore, Amarildo decided to turn old tires into comfortable and decorated beds for dogs and cats. He wants them to feel at home and feel more comfortable.

He collects old tires that he finds on the street and brings them home. After that, he carefully cuts them, washes, paints, decorates and writes the name of the animal to which the bed will belong.

Finally, he adds carrying straps and a comfortable mattress that he sews himself so that the animals can curl up into a ball.

He has made 6,000 beds for homeless animals, shelters and even pets. Since then, his beds have become so famous that he now receives orders from pet owners all over the world.

By creating cozy beds for animals from old tires, Amarildo not only helped to protect the environment, but also received additional income from this work.

Amarildo said: «I am very pleased, because the fact that these tires used to be waste in the environment, now they have become something very useful for animals. «

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