A man went fishing and saw a dog trapped in a cage in the lake. He had to act

A teacher at an American school saved the life of a dog that had been thrown into a pond.

At the end of autumn the teacher went to the lake to catch fish. He saw a cage in the pond, and inside it sat a live dog. Brian (the teacher’s name) was shocked by the sight.

«It was noon on the clock when I saw the dog,» the young man says. The cage was already almost under water. I could only see the puppy’s muzzle. The weather outside was cold and wet at the time.

Brian quickly stripped off his clothes and jumped into the pond to rescue the animal and save his life.

«I’m pretty sure the doggie spent hours in the icy water,» Brian says. I quickly freed the dog and pulled him to shore. The dog was shaking. He looked exhausted and sickly. I carried him to the car, put him in the car and turned the heater on full blast.

The man saw that there were severe wounds on the dog’s back and limbs. He immediately called the vet’s office and scheduled a visit to the vet. Brian wrapped the puppy in a blanket to keep him warm and feeling better. The vet diagnosed the dog with hypothermia. This is a feature in which the body temperature is below normal. With this pathology, the body’s metabolism is impaired.

Specialists treated the dog’s wounds and gave him antibiotics and painkillers. The dog quickly recovered. A few days later, the dog was taken to a stray trapping organization. The dog will stay there until the full story of what happened is revealed.

The dog was given the name Marley. It so happened that Brian, who rescued Marley, had recently lost his dog. So he made the decision to take the puppy.

«I want this dog to be a part of my life,» Brian said.

How nice that there are such people in our world. In addition to rescuing the puppy, this man decided to give him a home and surround him with care and warmth.

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