A married couple came to the shelter for a cat, but she did not want to leave her friend

Like humans, animals are capable of sincere feelings for each other. Sometimes there is such a close friendship between animals that cannot be destroyed without hurting them. Such a close connection was established between two small kittens who met at the shelter. Baby Luna and baby Louis ended up in the same shelter in Florida. They lived nearby for several months and became very friendly.

When the kittens grew up, they began to look for loving families for them. The couple soon responded to the advertisement put up by the shelter. Jack and his fiancee wanted to have a kitten. And when they saw the photo of Luna , they immediately realized that they were looking for her. A few days later, the couple came to the shelter to get acquainted with Luna and arrange the necessary paperwork.

The staff of the shelter were happy for their ward, but they were very worried about how Louis would survive the breakup with his girlfriend. The shelter’s rules do not allow employees to insist that customers take several animals at once. Fortunately, the couple did not have to be separated. When Jack and his fiancee went to meet Luna, they saw that she was sleeping in an embrace with Louis.

This touching picture dispelled all doubts. The couple immediately realized that they would take two cats home at once. The couple issued all the documents for Luna. But they took Louis in for a trial period. Young people had never kept animals before and were not sure that they could cope with a couple at once. But they didn’t want to separate the beautiful couple either. Therefore, this decision was made.

Already in the first days it became clear that Louis would also stay in the house of Jack and his fiancee. The cats quickly settled into the house and behaved very calmly, without causing any trouble to the new owners. Luna and Louis spent every minute together. Their friendship in their new home has only become stronger.

After a week of probation, Jack went to the shelter, but not to return the kitten, but to draw up the documents necessary for Louis to also stay in their house.

Both cats have become family favorites. They have grown up and changed a lot in appearance, becoming real beauties. Only the sincere love of animals for each other remained unchanged.

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