A mother overcame a cougar that attacked her five-year-old child

In the California town of Calabasas, which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, a five-year-old boy was attacked by a cougar while he was playing in the yard. The child was saved by his mother.

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According to the original source, a small boy playing with a tree in the yard of his house was attacked by a medium-sized cougar. It began to drag the child across the lawn and dragged him about 40 meters away. The screams of the son were heard by the mother, who was inside the house at that time. The woman ran out into the street, saw a terrible picture. But she did not lose her head and rushed to save the child.

Мать голыми руками дралась с дикой пумой, чтобы спасти 5-летнего сына - Фото 1

According to the woman, she grabbed the animal by the paw and put her right hand into its mouth to open it and pull out her son’s head.

After she was able to free the boy, the cougar ran away.

Now the child is in a hospital in Denver: it is reported that his head and neck are damaged, but doctors assess his condition as satisfactory. The mother’s hand was bitten and her leg was scratched.

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Authorities say they found a cougar near the scene shortly after the incident and killed the animal. After that, they continued to comb the area and found another cougar, which was also shot.

About 4,500 cougars live in Colorado. Sometimes they approach settlements in search of food.

Over the past 25 years, wildcats have attacked and killed three people, and another 18 people have been injured.

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