A parrot «complains» about the house cat: the conversation is hilarious!

Any pet can make your life more fun.

Cockatoo parrots are considered really cute pets that give a positive charge and good mood.

They can contact us because of their ability to reproduce sounds they have previously heard. Each of them is a bright, unforgettable personality.

Parrot for adoption - Elsi, a Cockatoo in Pineville, NC | Petfinder

Every parrot has its own personal habits. And the bird from the video below managed to demonstrate them. Meet Mr. Max, a Cockatoo parrot.

He is very talkative and told in the video below about the behavior of the cat. Watching Max talk about what Fluffy did is impossible without laughing. The owner listened very carefully to the parrot, and then told him to stay away from the cat so as not to get into trouble and not be eaten.

A parrot "complains" about the house cat --- the conversation is hilarious! - WTVideo.com

It seems that Max understands every word! Just look at how attentively he listens to his master. Cockatoos are very intelligent birds, and looking at their behavior, you can get a large portion of positivity and humor.

The guy must have chatted very interesting phrases at home earlier, since the parrot was able to remember this speech and reproduce it again, telling about the behavior of the cat.

You can see exactly how the parrot behaved in the video below:

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