A penguin who carries a backpack and goes shopping

There is a penguin living in Japan who is trained to carry a backpack and go to the fish market to buy his favorite food.

There are a very large number of people who find penguins absolutely charming.But few of us would dare to keep them as pets.

However, this Japanese family has left one of them at home, which makes him probably one of the most unusual pets that people have ever seen.

Meet Lala, a charming royal penguin who has lived in a Japanese family for many years

Познакомьтесь с Лалой — очаровательным королевским пингвином, который много лет жил в японской семье

After his first appearance on the market, where his family somehow brought him, Lala continued to return there (note that despite the fact that the penguin’s name is Lala, in fact, he was probably a male). Therefore, the family decided to give him a small backpack and taught Lala to get fish for himself there.

And many villagers witnessed how a smart penguin walked the streets with his tiny backpack.

Пингвин, который носит рюкзак и ходит по магазинам

The penguin got into fishing nets, where he injured himself. The family took Lala to their place to cure him and only then release him back into the wild.

Пингвин, который носит рюкзак и ходит по магазинам

But the creature became very attached to people and did not want to leave them. Therefore, it was decided to leave him and provide him with a comfortable life in conditions that were not quite normal for penguins. So the penguin lived with people for the rest of his life, eventually dying of old age.

Пингвин, который носит рюкзак и ходит по магазинам

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