A photographer captured the touching moment when a lion cub kisses his mother on the nose

Meet Yulia Sundukova, a photographer who is passionate about animals, especially wild animals.

Recently, she had the opportunity to capture the incredible moment when a lion cub gives his mother the sweetest kiss on the nose. The photographer witnessed this touching sight during an expedition to Hwange Park in Zimbabwe.


The kiss of the mother and the baby lasted only a few seconds. Fortunately, Julia quickly captured it on camera.

Although an experienced photographer has witnessed and captured many touching pictures of wild animals, they still do not cease to amaze and touch her soul.

«The lioness with the collar was the mother of the little baby she was playing with. There were no males around. It was interesting to watch how the cubs play and interact with the female,» she described the meeting.

«For me, this is one of the most fun and interesting nature lessons,» she added. «Although the lions were a little far from the road, I was so happy to spend long hours with them until the sun set. »

Hwange Park, covering an area of more than 5,800 square miles, is Zimbabwe’s largest national park and «one of the best national parks in Africa.» It is home to more than 600 different species of mammals and birds, more than in any park in the country.

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