A policeman finds a stray kitten under his car and decides to adopt her.

Sometimes pets come into our lives in the most unexpected way. We just happen to be in the right place at the right time to give the animal a home, as if it were meant to be.

So it was recently when a policeman on duty came across a stray kitten and decided to give him a house forever.

Constable McDermott of the Louisville Kentucky Metro Police Department was on patrol when he found the cat. A stray kitten was sitting under his police car.

The kitten was clearly afraid to get out from under the car. And according to the department’s Facebook post, Agent McDermott must have lured him with cheese.

And since food is the best means of contact with any animal, the cat quickly trusted the officer, and they instantly established a connection.

In fact, they got along so well with each other that McDermott decided to make it official: he adopted a cat!

The cat, now called Banshee, has found her home forever.

We know many stories about how police officers and emergency workers adopted animals they found in the line of duty. And, undoubtedly, it seems that many of them love animals.

But Officer McDermott seems to be particularly fond of animals. According to the agency, he already has two cats, two dogs, two snakes and even a bearded dragon!

This former stray kitten will surely have so many playmates in his new home, and he will be in safe hands.

Everything happens for a reason. We are glad that this kitten has found a loving home forever! Thanks to Agent McDermott for adopting a Banshee!

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