A pregnant dog was tied to a tree in the woods by its owner and left without food or water

The dog was a cross between a pit bull and a mongrel and lived with the family for a long time, guarding the yard and pleasing the owners. Everything changed when she became pregnant. The owner did not want to take care of the animal, much less her babies, and acted extremely cruelly. He took the animal into the woods and left it there, tying it to a tree trunk for sure. He brought neither water nor food for the animal.

For many days, the dog ate by gnawing the bark off trees and drank only the water that gathered on the grass in the morning as dew. The dog was constantly whining. And this was heard in the village, but no one even thought to go and save it.

When the time came, the dog, herself on the verge of exhaustion, gave birth to puppies. With no food or water, she was still able to feed her four babies with milk.

When the babies were 10 days old, the dog was barely on her feet anymore. And the puppies really lacked the milk she could give. That’s when one of the local residents found out about her and immediately informed the animal rights activists.

When the family was found in the woods, all the animals were immediately taken to the vet and then placed in a shelter. One of the babies was so weak that he could not survive the trip.

At the shelter, the dog was named Lara and put on an intensive diet. The milk quickly recovered and Lara was able to feed the puppies. With the addition of food, the babies quickly caught up in growth and development. The puppies proved to be affectionate and playful. They are already eating on their own and volunteers have started looking for families for them.

Lara was also able to make a full recovery and is already looking forward to her new home.

The dog’s previous owners deserve punishment, and the villagers should think about their callousness. No one asked to take the dog for themselves, but they could have called the animal protection workers earlier, without bringing the animal to this state.

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