A puppy that looks like a Corgi will get caught, since he has nowhere to live

One winter evening, my friend Daria went for a walk with her dog. She didn’t expect any trick. Suddenly Dasha saw a small puppy at a fork in the road. The kid didn’t understand how to get to the other side of the street. The kind woman hurried to help the puppy, but unfortunately did not have time. The baby remained alive, but he urgently needed the help of a specialist.

Dasha understood that if she did not help the dog now, he would simply die. She took the baby in her arms and carried it to her house. Then a friend called me and told me about the incident. She asked me to help the puppy.

We agreed that I would take care of all the expenses for the dog’s treatment, and the puppy would live with Daria. I couldn’t invite him to our «dog company» because of quarantine. Our wards fell ill with demodecosis.

This dog is very lucky. The injuries were not too severe. Therefore, doctors quickly eliminated the problem. However, Daria had a small problem during her stay. The apartment was inhabited by a female terrier named Stella, she was very jealous of the owner of the new resident. Sometimes Stella just drove the baby into a cage and did not give the opportunity to run around the apartment.

Since the puppy was scared after the nightmare, he was very obedient to the owner dog. The dog was sitting in a corner and only went to the toilet. The puppy went to relieve himself on a diaper. By the way, Daria did not teach him to do this. The puppy himself guessed why this diaper is needed.

This modest cute guy turned out to be obedient, well-mannered and intelligent. Dasha believes that the puppy used to be a pet. Why was such a well-mannered puppy thrown away? What could he have done wrong? Most likely, the owners just played enough!

A month has passed, and it has not been possible to find a family for Barsik. He continues to sit in the corner of the room, since Stella did not accept the baby and still does not allow him to move around the apartment. Daria thought for a long time and decided that she would take the baby to the capture point if she could not find a family for him. Unfortunately, she has no other options.

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