A puppy was lying in a dilapidated house. The baby was weak and hungry, and there was no one around

Once residents of the neighborhood noticed the noise that was coming from an old abandoned house. They went inside and were stunned. A puppy was lying on the floor…

Of course, someone hurried to the baby’s aid. He was a kind-hearted man who understood that the dog would simply disappear in this terrible situation. And there was something to be horrified about: the dirty floor seemed to be rotten and covered with mold, and the air was musty and damp. And in this ugly place there was a puppy who found himself here without food and water.

Щенок в подвале

The dog was dirty and weakened. He was asleep and did not wake up even when the man tried to wake up the baby. Then he just took the dog with him to his house.

And then the savior noticed that the puppy’s paw was damaged. Maybe he got hurt in a dirty house, or maybe he was already sick when he was abandoned. In any case, he needed medical help.

Realizing that the dog feels pain, the man gave her an injection, which had anti-inflammatory properties, and in addition, relieved unpleasant sensations.

Щенок на одеяле

When the puppy felt better, he began to eat with an appetite. He ate with pleasure, and then drank water.
The person who saved him reported to the veterinarian for further medical assistance. And then he will certainly find a house for the baby. The fact that the baby was able to get out of a dirty building is a great success. After all, if they hadn’t paid attention to the sounds inside the old building, the puppy might never have been saved!

Щенок и еда

Now it remains to wish the baby to meet loving owners who will not leave him alone, and will give the puppy care and affection!

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