A red kitten was found in the forest without a mother cat. And now two years later!

The family found this adorable little kitten in the woods. The baby was all alone. There was no mom-cat nearby. And then people made the only right decision – they took the kitten to their home.

So, meet Lizzie!

The little kitty wandered through the forest, mewing piteously in search of her mother.

«She was about 3-4 weeks old when we found her. She was all alone in an unfamiliar place.

She had no food or water. And there was no mom-cat or other kittens nearby,» says Lizzie’s savior.

«We brought her home and then showed her to the vet. She turned out to be absolutely healthy.

After that, we did all the necessary vaccinations and got rid of worms,» the girl adds.

«Maybe someone threw it away or maybe a stray cat gave birth to kittens in the forest. But the latter is unlikely, since there was not a single kitten nearby with Lizzie,» says the girl.

«She’s wonderful. She’s been great since day one. Of course, except for those moments when she chewed a few headphones. But we don’t regret taking Lizzie. I love her immensely,» laughs Lizzie’s hostess.

The little red-haired kitty, who was left all alone, now has a large family.

Two years have passed since that moment. From a small kitten, Lizzie turned into a beautiful cat.

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