A rescued wallaby cub has taken its first steps

An adorable moment caught on video when a newborn wallaby named Dorito takes her first steps after battling a serious illness.

Employees of the nursery «Australian Reptile Park», located in rural Somersby (Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia) rescued a newborn baby kangaroo, which the mother refused.

Валлаби - это кто? Описание валлаби. Среда обитания валлаби | Животный мир

The wallaby, named Dorito, was recently captured during her first independent trip through the territory of the nursery. The little cub, after making the first uncertain jumps and exploring the unfamiliar terrain, returned to his guardian. According to the nursery staff, Dorito likes to explore a new environment and everything is fine with her.

Спасённый детёныш валлаби сделал первые шаги

The yellow-legged rock wallaby (ring-tailed kangaroo) grows to an average of 60 centimeters and weighs 11 kilograms. These marsupials can be found in small areas in western New South Wales and eastern South Australia, as well as in smaller numbers in Queensland.

Wallabies live on rough terrain and rocky ledges, while their older kangaroo brothers prefer to settle in meadows.

Спасённый детёныш валлаби сделал первые шаги

This species of marsupial is listed as «endangered» after their numbers declined due to hunting. However, thanks to conservation efforts, nothing threatens the wallaby population at the moment.

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