A selection of the weirdest and most ridiculous wedding dresses

Every woman dreams of looking irresistible at her own wedding. However, each of us has our own criteria of beauty. And some of them are radically different from the conventional ones. We collected photos of the most unconventional and ridiculous wedding dresses, whose owners clearly lack taste.

1. The main thing is not to burst with happiness

2. When a designer was inspired by a wedding cake

3. The Birth of Venus from the Foam of the Sea

4. You can never have too many hearts on your wedding day

5. Harmony in everything

6. A little bit of a miscalculation on the size

7. An authentic wedding buffet

8. Did she go to the gym for nothing?

9. Not every woman would dare such an experiment

10. She wanted to be the most unique person at the wedding, but something went wrong

11. Аnother variation on the balloon theme

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