A small dog with a huge tumor, sentenced to euthanasia, now lives the best of all

A dog who had a giant tumor on her side now has a whole new life thanks to her dedicated rescuers and Vet Ranch. Hattie was taken to a Texas euthanasia shelter by its heartless owners, who allowed the tumor to grow for two years without doing anything.

She caught the attention of the Dallas Dog Rehabilitation Department.

Hattie was immediately taken to Dr. Curry from the veterinary ranch. She said she had never seen such a large tumor in a dog before. Dallas Dog R compared the tumor to a bowling ball.

Dr. Curry noted that Hattie lost her balance due to the fact that the tumor was pressing on her. She also noted that Hattie was lying on it like on a bag of beans!

Dr. Kerry was nervous and worried before Hetty’s surgery. After the operation, Katie looks like a brand new dog! The tumor, by the way, weighed 15 kilograms!

Hetty’s recovery was not without some setbacks, but she overcame them and was placed in foster care.

And thanks to the rescuers, she found a beautiful home forever!

To think that Hattie was almost put to sleep because of the negligence of the former owner. But, fortunately, her rescue has a happy ending!

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