A small fragile kitty came to the house, just sat down and watched

The cat came to one frequency house every day, sat down on the path that led to the door and just waited. The baby did not try to attract the attention of people, did not cry, did not ask for affection. She just sat there and didn’t touch anyone.

Seeing the animal for the first time, the owners of the house just passed by. In the private sector, it is not uncommon to meet a cat in your yard. Maybe the baby just went out for a walk. The next day, the presence of a cat in exactly the same place surprised the residents of the house.A few days later, the owners of the house decided to take a closer look at the cat. All this time, the animal sat quietly and waited, choosing the same place in the yard every day.

Having decided to take a closer look at the cat, people quickly realized that she needed help. The cat was in good condition, but some health problems were already noticeable. People decided to help their guest, and after treatment to find a good family for her. But their plans were not destined to come true.

It took only a couple of days for the baby to please people so much that it became clear that other owners were out of the question. The cat was very thin. At first, she had to be given food with a syringe. And she could only sleep when people took her in their arms. In a couple of days, the new owners managed to cope with a runny nose, an eye infection and parasites that the crumbs inherited from street life. The treatment was over, but no one began to write ads and look for other owners. The cat stayed in the house and got the name Candy.

The baby turned out to be very affectionate. But she has the most tender feelings for Mickey, a cat who has been living in the family for a long time. Mickey is very curious and from the first days showed interest in the guest, even tried to help her by making an attempt to wash the baby’s ears. Mickey has the character of a robber and Candy began to adopt his habits. Now the cats are trying together to sharpen their claws on the owner’s furniture, throw things off the shelves and steal food from the table.

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