A smart dog buys cookies for leaves

Money doesn’t grow on trees? Tell that to the Colombian dog named Negro from our story. He understood all the principles of commodity-money relations, and developed a brilliant plan that provided him with goodies from a local tent for a long time.

A black dog named Negro lives on the campus of the Columbia Technical Institute in Monterrey. He was sheltered by the staff. And the dog calmly walks around the entire territory.

Students often buy cookies at a local store. Watching them give money to the seller and get food in return, the dog developed a cunning plan!

One day he came up to the counter, holding a piece of paper in his teeth, and demanding cookies with all his appearance. In this case, how could the seller refuse him?

Fascinated by the dog’s intelligence, the employees allowed him to «buy» cookies no more than a couple of times a day.

«Now he comes for cookies every day—» says a shop worker— «and always pays for purchases with leaves.»

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