A stray dog comes to the vet’s office and waits for help to get home

When we were little, we were often told that if we got lost, we should turn to the authorities for help. This meant that in childhood, if we ever got lost, we had to get help from someone in uniform, for example, a policeman, a firefighter, or someone like that.

But what do dogs do when they get lost? In Thailand, a puppy got lost. But fortunately for him, he managed to find his way to the only place that could help him get home: the local veterinary office.

Although the puppy could not find his way home, he still did not lose his head. On the way home, the brave puppy managed to find the Putahrax veterinary clinic. This was exactly the place where he had been injected a few months earlier.

The smart puppy sat at the door and waited for the staff inside to notice him.

As soon as he was noticed, the staff immediately recognized one of the clinic’s patients in the dog. They took him inside, where they called his family and informed them that he had been found.

Fortunately, the puppy and his worried owners were reunited. As the clinic reported on Facebook about the incident: «The owner is satisfied. The dog is happy. And we are so glad that this story ended well!»

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