A stray dog touched all the audience when she intervened in the performance to «save» the actor

The theater group gave a performance in the city square, where everyone, both people and animals, has free access.

During the performance, the hero of Uzonsoy falls from his horse and gets seriously injured. He should lie down and pretend to be in pain, and there is no one around.

But the stray dog, which appeared from nowhere, decided otherwise.

The surprised audience did not immediately realize that this was pure improvisation, and not part of the performance. A dog, a devoted friend of man. When she saw a stranger in trouble, she hurried to help him at the behest of a disinterested dog’s heart!

The actor admits that he did not immediately understand what was happening. And then the kind dog got lost somewhere. People living near the square recognized the animal — it often runs nearby.

As for Uzunsoy, he hopes to meet the dog again so he can help him find a good home. But while he wasn’t anywhere to be found once the show was over, the actor said that he plans to keep looking.

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