A stray kitten runs to a man in the park and does not let him go.

One day, a musician named Kawasaki Hina was walking in his local park and saw a small white-brown spot running towards him.

The kitten followed the guy into the park.Then it threw itself at his feet and began to rub its head against his sneakers.

Hina played with the kitten for a while, then he was about to leave. But the kitten refused to let him go!
The kitten clung to his leg, squeezing it tightly.
He looked at the musician with his big blue eyes, and Hina’s heart melted. The kitten clearly fell in love with him at first sight, and Hina also quickly fell in love with the kitten.

Hina found a box and put the kitten in it. Then he drove her home. The kitten meowed happily. It got exactly what it wanted!

When Hina and the kitten returned home, the kitten looked around a little, getting used to the new environment. Then it made itself comfortable.

«It immediately fell asleep at my house,» Hina told our editor.

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