A two-month-old husky asked to enter the house, from where she was kicked out again and again

Our new ward’s name is Gerda. Two months ago, her owners decided that they no longer needed a pet and pointed Gerda to the door. The dog, although Gerda is more of a puppy by age, did not understand people and did not leave. She was always rubbing herself at the door and waiting to be taken back.

Gerda is not yet a year old and since November. She was forced to live on the street for several months, finding a place for herself between the old barn and the fence of the house where she used to live and where her former owners continued to live. There are children in this family. Every morning they passed by their dog and didn’t even try to help her.

When the volunteers took the dog away, its owner appeared from behind the gate.

«Well, at least someone will take her away. I’m tired of seeing her here every day,» the woman commented on the situation.

Gerda turned out to be an almost perfect dog – not spoiled, affectionate and obedient. Although she lived on the street, the dog steadfastly endures with the toilet until the moment of walking. Gerda is also friendly with other animals. Not a dog, but a real prize. The previous owners promised to give the documents.

For the first few days Gerda only ate and slept, enjoying the warmth she had been deprived of for so long. While the dog has a fear that it will be abandoned again. Therefore, she tries to always follow a person and is afraid to be alone.

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