A woman adopted a wolf cub abandoned by her mother: she gave him a loving home

Some animals, such as cats, dogs, and hamsters, are usually kept as pets. Then there are more exotic ones, such as parrots, snakes, and hedgehogs.

And there are also those rare cases when people keep animals like Kira. Kira is a wolf. Her mother abandoned her when she was 3 days old. And because of that, she couldn’t survive in the wild.

Fortunately, a Russian woman named Alida decided to adopt her, raise her, and train her so that she would have another chance in life.

Aliide had to work hard to tame Kira. Wolves are afraid of the new, so it took a lot of socialization. Kira met with adults, children, and other animals.

She has been to a variety of places, and now she is a fully tamed wolf who will not harm anyone.

Unfortunately, Kira and her siblings were not accepted by their mother, and the shelter had to decide what to do.

The staff fed the little cubs with their hands so that they could get all the necessary nutrition. And they were also looking for a permanent home for them.
Fortunately, Alida, a Russian citizen, decided to take Kira to her, because the little wolf could not survive in the wild

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