A woman bought a quail egg in a store and put it with her parrot

In an ordinary grocery store, Luna purchased a package of quail eggs. One of them was destined to become the object of a naturalistic experience, and her pet parrot, Ping-Chan, was assigned the role of a brooder. At first, the potential father was skeptical about the unidentified object, but when he got a good look at it, he started hatching.

We must admit that the parrot approached this process with all the avian responsibility, creating the most comfortable conditions for his «ward».

The blogger-girl was sure at first that nothing would come of this venture, because they say that the eggs that come into the store are not fertilized. However, after a proper time, the egg shell cracked, and to everyone’s surprise, a baby quail hatched from the egg. This event so shocked Luna that she did not know how to relate to it. She shared her joy online, but also voiced concerns about keeping her new pet.

She had to become an Angel for the newborn baby: after reading articles and books about quails and their keeping at home, she found out that it was not too difficult, and set to work.

The new-found «mother» carefully feeds the chick and takes it in her arms, which the baby is very happy about!

In a little while, this fluffy baby will begin to delight his adoptive family with funny songs.

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