A woman brought home a deaf-blind puppy. He became an idol of American schoolchildren.

Piglet chihuahua was born in 2017 in a house where, besides him, lived 35 dogs.

No one cared about the blind and deaf puppy. And an unenviable fate awaited him if the animals had not been rescued in time by the workers of the local dog shelter.

A cute and shy chihuahua, nicknamed Piglet for its delicate pink color, was presented to an experienced veterinarian Melissa Shapiro. At that time, she still did not understand what difficulties she would have to face.

Piglet turned out to be a nervous and «broken» dog. He suffered from anxiety attacks and had difficulty adjusting to his new home.

Not seeing or hearing what was happening around, the puppy often screamed in fear, and these screams tore the hearts of his new owners — Melissa and her husband Warren.

But the couple did not give up and sincerely wanted to help Piglet forget the horrors of the past.

The couple taught the dog to communicate with light touches and tapping. And they also tried to create the most comfortable conditions for a new pet in a house with six dogs.

Gradually Piglet began to get used to his new life.

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