A woman finds a box of puppies in the desert

What started out as a fun ride turned into a rescue mission. And it changed the life of a woman who stumbled upon a box of puppies in the desert.

Paige Rico was enjoying her first solo trip from California through Utah. Along the way, she stopped to explore the desert in Utah.

When she was walking on a summer day at a temperature of 110 degrees, she noticed a box. Walking up to the box, Paige saw three little puppies inside! They were all alive and moving. But she knew they wouldn’t live long if she didn’t get them out of the heat.

Женщина находит коробку со щенками в пустыне 110 градусов

Paige immediately took them to the nearest veterinary clinic. The vet immediately examined them and determined that they were severely dehydrated and hungry. But otherwise they were healthy. Two healthy puppies weighed 4 pounds, and the third puppy, shorty, weighed only 2 pounds.

After their examination, the vet told Paige that she could take the puppies home or to a shelter. Not wanting to put the puppies under stress because of the shelter, Paige decided to bring the three dogs home. And then find a home for them.

It took two days to get home with three puppies. In a conversation with Dodo, Paige explained that as soon as she returned home, life became chaotic. Caring for three puppies is not an easy task!

Женщина находит коробку со щенками в пустыне 110 градусов

They were energetic and playful. They needed to be trained and socialized. It was a lot of work, but Paige did it. She even found a home for two puppies!

The third puppy, Breсk, was a runt in the litter. He was more shy than the other two. He developed a deep bond with Paige, who struggled with the idea of giving him away. So, she decided to adopt little Breck and give him a loving home. And now they are going on great adventures together!

Женщина находит коробку со щенками в пустыне 110 градусов

Soon Paige was ready for the trip and took the Breсk with her. They went to the same place where Paige found the puppies. And it brought back a lot of memories.

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