A woman has been looking for an elusive cat for a whole year and found it together with kittens

Las Vegas resident Kimmy is no stranger to rescuing animals. A year ago, she saw a stray cat with three kittens. The kids had eye pathology. They urgently needed medical help and proper care. Kimmy saved the kittens just in time. But the mother cat disappeared without a trace.

The kittens had to be treated for a long time, and they were gradually getting better. But Kimmy repeatedly returned to the place of discovery, and searched for the mother cat in the nearby streets. But she never managed to find it.

«She managed to save all the kittens except mom,» said the new owner of the kittens Nikki Martinez. «Night after night, week after week, and for months Kimmy kept trying to find their mother, but to no avail.»

And 10 days ago Kimmy got a call from a businessman, near whose office a year ago she found the same cat with kittens. And he said she was back! And again, not alone.

«When I was told that she had new kittens, I realized that this was my chance.»

Nikki drove out to the place, which put a carrier trap with sweets inside. And the mother cat came to the smell!

As it turned out, the new kittens were sitting behind a large pile of branches. It seemed impossible to get them.

«I had to call my sister, who took gloves and gardening tools with her.»

So, carefully, the kittens were taken out one by one. There were four of them in total.

The kids were reunited with their mom. They were arranged at Kimmy’s house. The cat itself is not very friendly to people. She protects the kittens, but accepts the food and the warm place that was organized for them.

Since the kittens were found near the electric company, they were named Tesla, Volta, Faraday and Franklin.

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