A woman has created a chair that allows her pet to sit next to her while she works.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have worked from home. It seems that everyone has a home office these days.

For many people, working at home allows them to spend more time with their pets. Naturally, our furry friends are so happy to see us at home and don’t want to leave us for a minute. While this is great, it can also be problematic.

It’s hard to focus on work, answer a Zoom call, or type a text correctly when a dog or cat is sitting on your lap and demanding attention. Even if they are motionless and asleep, it is difficult because movement can wake them up. Simone Hertz knows this all too well.

Hertz is a Swedish inventor and blogger. And instead of just sitting around while her dog pestered her, she decided to do something about it.

Hertz has created an office chair so that cats and dogs can comfortably sit next to their owners while they work.

She first shared her concept on Twitter, saying: «I built a chair for animals in need who always want to sit next to you.»

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