A woman has turned a disused public toilet into a luxury home

Laura Clark, an architect living in England, has caused a sensation by transforming a former public toilet into a luxury residence. After graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2005, Laura moved to London to work as an architect. One day, while wandering around the city, she stumbled across some old abandoned public toilets. Laura’s mind was bursting with ideas and options for transforming the space.

We’re going to tell you about this determined woman who accomplished something incredible and believed in her project, even when others thought she was crazy.

She bought the premises. The main feature was that they had been built in 1929, but had ceased to function in 1980.

No one had been in the place for 30 years, and the signs were obvious: debris, ruins and cracked walls.


Initially, Laura had intended to transform the space into some sort of small cinema or bar, but even after three years, she was unable to obtain the necessary authorization. So she decided to turn the unattractive space into an apartment. The apartment of her dreams.

She did most of the work herself: demolishing partitions, building new ones, installing electrical wiring, painting walls and so on.

She bought the apartment in 2011, worked on it for five years, and in 2016 her dream came true.

Can you believe this was once a public toilet? This is the living room!

The bedroom is pleasant, no one can argue with that.

The entrance to Laura’s new apartment is quite elegant. Neat, modern and in harmony with the surrounding architecture. You’d never guess that this door leads to someone’s home.

No need for words, the young woman has really done a great job. Her creation may not appeal to everyone, but for her, it’s a dream home!

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