A woman watches as her neighbors abandon their elderly cat. She decides to save her.

When Maria’s neighbors moved in, they abandoned their beloved cat in the old house. Maria lives right across the street, right in front of their house. Therefore, she witnessed the whole heartbreaking process.

She thought they might ask her to take care of him instead of abandoning him.: «We’re moving, we don’t want a cat, can you take care of him.» But, unfortunately, they didn’t tell anyone and just left him alone.

The woman noticed that the old cat was waiting for his owners to return home. He gave a reaction to any movement of the car. Whether it was rain, wind, or cold, he was quietly waiting outside, just looking back and forth. He was so sad.

At that moment, Maria realized that she had to help him. She wanted to adopt an elderly cat and make him happy for the rest of his life. However, he didn’t let her get close to him. She started looking for ways to make the cat trust her.

At first, the cat ran away whenever he saw Maria. But in the end, he gradually trusted Maria and allowed her to get closer to him.

Having gained his trust, Maria took him to the vet. Fortunately, he was healthy. She named him Rolo because of his cute eyes.

When she brought him home, he always looked across the street. Despite his age, he is so playful and active. He loves balls and loves to play football.

His favorite activity is riding in the mud. He likes being outside. The family releases it if it’s not cold, windy or too hot.
They even gave him a room where he can come and go as he pleases. The best part is that they gave him not only a new family, but also a new life.

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