A wonderful story about a huge cat’s heart that is ready to warm and comfort absolutely everyone

The struggle for the life of Radamenes lasted several months. All this time, the cat was sympathetic to the doctors and steadfastly endured painful vitamin injections and various droppers.And so, after sleepless nights and nervous days, Radamenes became absolutely healthy.

Apparently, the cat thought that since veterinarians helped him, then he should also help other patients of the veterinary clinic. Yes, yes, Radamenes is a full-time nurse.

He copes wonderfully with the duties of a nurse.

«He doesn’t care if it’s a dog or another cat. He just comes and sits with them. He takes care of, caresses and purrs the animals in the ear, calming them after operations,» says Lucina.

This is a story about a huge golden cat’s heart, about human indifference and boundless gratitude. Radamenes shows us, the people, that it doesn’t matter what we are. The important thing is that we all need support and care. Let’s take an example from him and become a little more attentive to others.

Veterinarians at the clinic even joke that the cat is a full–time nurse.

They call him their mascot.

Especially Radamenes paid attention to those who had serious operations.

Probably, after all this, cats no longer seem so  indifferent.

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