A yard dog that the family didn’t like saved their son and became their favorite!

A dog named Ira has been living in a country village for a year. Her former owners sold the cottage and left the dog in the village.

The locals loved Ira and fed her. The dog was affectionate and friendly and loved to play ball with the local kids.

A young couple with a five-year-old boy Igor settled in the dacha. The parents of the baby did not allow him to approach and pet the dog and always drove Ira away. But soon they changed their attitude towards Ira.

One day the children were playing with a ball near the river.
Five-year-old Igor also played with them. And suddenly the ball was in the water, and with it little Igor. The river near the shore was deep and the boy began to sink.

Suddenly, the dog Ira appeared on the shore, who immediately rushed to help the baby and pulled him out of the water to the shore. The boy was saved.

After this incident, the dog became a friend and a full member of their family. Young people love their pet very much and she responds to them with loyalty and devotion.

Now five-year-old Igor has a good babysitter and a reliable guard. And the dog has a home and loving owners.

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