A young family bought an old house in the village and rebuilt it

It’s always difficult for a young family to buy its own home. The couple are starting out in life together, both still building their careers. Real estate prices are rising, and there are few opportunities to earn money.

Mortgages represent long years of loan repayments, so couples are looking for alternatives.

This couple from Poland decided to move from the city to the country to buy a house. Property prices are lower in the countryside, and there are houses the couple can afford. The cottage came with 10 hectares of land. The house was dilapidated and in need of repair.

The newlyweds undertook renovations and decided to create their own piece of paradise.

The interior of the house was drab, and the couple wanted to bring in something new and original.

The young people decided to change everything. They found a designer and began the renovations. They did a lot of the work themselves, but for the big jobs, they called in specialists. The repairs took 2 years. The couple managed not only to buy a house without loans, but also to refurbish it, simply by working and saving for the repairs.

Now the house looks great, it’s been repainted, the roof repaired and covered with slate, the floors redone, the walls plastered and the wiring replaced.

The couple also took care of the amenities — they dug a well on the land for water. They cleared the land and prepared a space for a vegetable garden.

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