A young mother cat cannot part with a small kitten: she is grateful that they were adopted together

Calico cat was only eight months old when she was found by rescuers. But she already knew how unfair life could be.

She was abandoned, pregnant and lived among wild cats.

Like most wild cats, Summer was very shy at first. She was scared and didn’t know if she could trust people.

Day after day, volunteers tried to gain her trust and help her understand that she was safe and being taken care of.

When the volunteers rescued the cat, another obstacle arose: It’s time for Summer to give birth.
Miracle Babies

Summer had a tough street life. She got pregnant at a young age.

Due to her young age and previous living conditions, childbirth was very difficult.

Veterinarians had to give her an emergency caesarean section to save Summer and her kittens.

Even then, the prognosis was bad.

The volunteers were ready to lose the kittens, but a miracle happened: Summer gave birth to three healthy babies!

The vets said they cried with joy when they realized that Summer and her kittens would survive.
Summer was a great mom to her kids. She took care of them and kept them safe and warm.

Many cat moms throw their babies out of the litter, but Summer didn’t do that. She was hugging a small kitten named Splash with extreme care.

She was nervous when the vets took Splash to weigh and feed him. But she was happy when Splash was returned to her.
Fortunately, the three kittens grew up healthy and strong.

Two kittens were immediately adopted by one loving family. But Summer couldn’t break up with Splash.

Together forever
Summer and Splash were inseparable. She became very attached to her youngest child even after she was weaned.

Summer even taught Splash new tricks, like how to eat from a plate!

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