Abandoned and trapped in a deep river, an elderly dog began to cry when a volunteer approached to pet her

This is the story of a German Shepherd rescue. Hope For Paws received an urgent phone call.

An abandoned dog became entangled in the Los Angeles River. Locals fed him for weeks while they searched for help.

Hope For Paws received a call from a concerned citizen about a dog who she found wandering on the riverbank. The canal ran for miles so they didn’t know where to begin their search. Luckily, after just 30 minutes, they were able to spot the dog.

Unfortunately, the wonderful people at Hope For Paws were not prepared for this type of challenge.

However, thanks to the neighbors’ assistance, they were able to quickly gather the equipment required for this rescue mission.

It’s amazing how quickly he went from being a fearful dog to a best friend. And all it took was gentleness and patience.

Here’s a touching video of how the wonderful people at Hope For Paws rescued Biggie the German Shepherd from the Los Angeles River.
Hope For Paws must be made up of nothing but angels! Thank you for all you do for these sweet forgotten animals…

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