After 17 years in a cramped cage, the bear returns to the wild

Going to the zoo is very cool because there you can see different animals, bears, monkeys, lions, etc.

But we don’t always know that they need a comfortable environment where they can feel free. We would also not want to find ourselves in the same uncomfortable environment in which this bear cub lived for many years. The brown bear cub was stolen from its mother when it was a newborn and was kept in a very small and cramped cage. This little cage became everything to the poor animal because it stayed in it for many years.

Kei was one of the four exhibits of the Museum of the Japanese Island. The bear remained in a separate cage, where it was kept. A few years ago, the authorities decided to close the museum, initially thinking that the bears would be killed. Before the killing, the bears were locked in cages because Japanese zoos did not have the resources to care for them.

But, fortunately, Wild Welfare has contacted the English charity Yorkshire Wildlife Park, known for its animal restoration projects. They quickly agreed to help. They transported the animals from Japan to Britain to start a new life. Now the bears have a place to climb, green grass, a lake, and all the necessary fruits and honey.

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