After 30 years, the kangaroo jumper, which was considered extinct, appeared to people again!

If it is necessary to sacrifice a piece of wildlife to economic interests, a person is right there. In the 80s of the last century, Mexican farmers plowed the territories of Baja California for tomato beds and built greenhouses for strawberries. And as it seemed then, they irrevocably destroyed the habitat of kangaroo jumpers.

Kangaroo jumpers were last seen in 1986, and therefore this species was considered extinct. And soon they were simply forgotten about, and researchers from the University of Natural Sciences of San Diego did not even understand who fell into their traps. They were doing the usual field work and certainly did not expect to see a legend come to life. And suddenly they caught four jumpers at once — so they live and reproduce!

They did not offend the jumpers, only documented the fact of the meeting and released them into the wild. Now, inspired by the discovery, scientists intend to create a program to protect these animals. If the small and defenseless jumpers managed to survive all this time, then they just need to be left alone.

And it is necessary to restore the practice of field trials, now forgotten, because without the personal presence of a person, much will remain a mystery.

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