After enduring a great deal of pain and suffering, the dog did not become vicious and cruel

The poor dog was tied up near a garbage heap and left there to die. His muzzle was badly hurt and swollen because of the cruel treatment of the humans. Exhausted animal just lay there alone. Charlie — which was the dog’s name — was not capable of doing anything on his own. And so he lay there, hardly hoping for anyone’s help. And that help came!

A few random passersby noticed the dog lying near the garbage. They noticed that something was clearly wrong with the dog. The animal was quickly taken to the Philadelphia Veterinary Clinic. The vets examined the dog and were horrified. Parasite larvae have already settled in her mouth and on her body.

It was a horrible and repulsive sight. The owner of the veterinary hospital was so taken aback by the situation that he decided to personally pay for the treatment of the unfortunate animal. Charlie went to the operating room. There he was given an emergency operation, as a result of which his mouth was severely damaged.

It took the dog several weeks to recover. Slowly but surely canine health overcame weakness and illness. Charlie was back to being a healthy, strong, cheerful dog again!

Despite the tremendous pain and terror and the suffering he endured, the dog did not go feral, nor did he become vicious and cruel. On the contrary, he began to give his love to people even more. The animal was constantly cuddling up to the doctors at the veterinary clinic, played with them and and was very happy for all the attention they gave him.

Eventually the fully recovered dog was taken home by an employee of the hospital. That’s such a happy ending!

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