After he was rescued from the street, the grateful cat hugged every person who helped him.

Mcchicks is a grateful kitten rescued from the street by the Los Angeles Animal Society. Today, this gorgeous fluffy cat has every chance for a better life thanks to the wonderful staff.

He never stopped hugging those who had helped him since his rescue, thus expressing his gratitude.
Diane Barber was the first to meet a cute cat. And she decided to name him Mcchicks because of his fluffy and gorgeous cheeks.

Barber contacted one of her colleagues, Samantha Bell, an animal lover, who agreed to accept tiny MakChik as a foster child. Samantha said the following:

«She knew about my weakness for stray cats and immediately called me. The cat meowed beautifully when I approached his kennel.»

It was enough for the foster mother to meet the cat once to understand that he was really cute.

Mcchicks felt safe, but most of all he felt loved. This cute cat melted the heart of its new beloved owner even more with its purring and charming hugs.
Although Mcchicks spent a lot of time outside, he was a very cute and responsive kitten.

This adorable cat was adored from the very beginning. And he expresses his gratitude by hugging the people around him.

He loves attention and most of the time is ready to do anything to be in Samantha’s arms.

«He’s screaming to be fed first before we feed the other cats.» He will meow until someone notices it. «If you have a treat in your hand, it means he found it,» Samantha said.

Mcchicks knows how to attract attention. And despite the fact that at times he demands excessive attention to himself, everyone still loves him. After all, this kitten only wants to lick and cuddle affectionately.

«If there are two of us in the room with him, he will walk back and forth to get our attention.»


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